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Important: We have tested the sales process and are confident that this particular launch will make your bank manager proud, so use every spare mailing opportunity to convert those leads into the "Cash Geyer" sales every affiliate wants.

The FXprofitude product is truly unique, extremely accurate and the best value for money custom made Forex product your clients will have likely ever received.

Hundreds of man hours have gone into producing this amazing product which will be irresistible to your subscribers and have them eager come launch day to say "Yes I have a credit card" and
This is your chance to promote this truly spectacular Forex Product (this is not a Binaries product) and earn highly profitable commissions. 
Then, while they are hot and eager, they get the chance to buy a truly unmissable product for $499, itself valued at close to $3000 alone. This chance of missing out will be just too great and they are virtually guaranteed to be interested in snapping this up as it hits them.
Let me tell you why this launch is so exciting.
The product fits its name, that's because it is a fresh, new method of trading based on proven scientific principles.
And they flat out work.
You can learn more about that in a moment but first...

Here's why you will want to be a part of this:
  • The value of the product is such that it could be sold for over $3000
  • It is a digital product i.e. online and customers will get to interact with us in a live member's area where our team of traders interact with them and also hold frequent webinars, with regular updates about the system.
  • It is a Clickbank product
  • Affiliate and client support is unparalleled as with all our launches. We have 24/7 trader support.
  • The Forex market is starving for a really good, high end, proven trading system, this is it!
  • You will earn 50% on every sale you make.

The product will be first class all the way. That's because he has the rare gift of being able to teach people in a meaningful and purposeful way. And they get results.

Your own mission is simple: to get the leads to our page each day ... then sit back and watch as hour after hour, day after day rom launch day the sales come streaming in.

We have the best copywriters on the planet preparing the best front end sales marketing material possible for this product, and it doesn't stop there...

Once the lead is captured, our full assault back end return path marketing arm gets flexed to the max assuring a constant source of follow ups to maximise returns and squeeze even more sales from every subscriber.

You get to reap the benefits every step of the way!


PRODUCT OUTLINE: You get 50% commission on each of these sales made:

  •  Front End: FxProfitude (Retail: $499)
  •  Up-sell 1: FxProfitude Trade Assistant (Retail: $297)
  •  Up-sell 2: Specially compiled “Traders Stack Pack” (Retail: $199)

The exact offer layout and price points have all been tested to maximize your conversions and profits.

Start date: We start from 9am E.ST. on 28th August sending directly to a sales page. Your links are to be found on this page under the “Hop Links” section. We will be providing swipe emails each day from 28th August 2023. The swipes will be made available during that time under the “Emails” section of this page.  


You can promote any legitimate way by sending traffic to your affiliate link from 28th August.

We've found that on the upper scale with a responsive list you can expect, with this product and price appealing especially to the more "high-end" customer, at least a $7 Dollar and higher EPC.

Expect the EPC's to climb even higher as we follow up with all leads that didn't buy at the get go!

FXProfitude is backed by a world class support team and clients will be able have various means to engage with our team for any support or similar needs. We don't expect refunds to exceed 5% so that you can confidently promote a great product knowing that your clients, and your bottom line, are also well looked after!

We found that leads from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand and South Africa are most inclined to purchase and would suggest you concentrate on these regions when sending traffic.

Email Swipes

All mails can be set to go out at 9am Est sharp on the day anytime from 28th August 2023.

Swipes are prepared by world renowned copyrighters and are also Split tested internally for your benefit and will be made available 24 hours before the start of the launch and each successive day thereafter.

Each day clients will be sent to a landing page directly from your affiliate link (see the section on this page “Hop Links” for more details).

If you have promoted any of our other products, you will know why everyone is so excited to get a shot at an amazing product! You need not worry about changing your links as the link will remain the same link that you use each day. (If links do change we will update this page and inform you accordingly)

Please see the Promo swipe mails in HTML and Text Format. There will be more than 1 choice of each or each day.

All material for Emails and Previews will be made available on this page at least 24 hours before each scheduled mailing, so please do check back regularly during the launch.

Tip: where appropriate personalise your mails for your particular lists for maximum effect and remember to sign off with your desired signature. Always test your mails and links before broadcasting.


Try mailing EVERY mail in the sequence as it has been designed and tested for maximum conversions and sales.  Below are emails that you can set for each day of the launch starting from Monday 28th August 2023 with Day 1 (Depending on when you join anytime from 28th August you can use Day 1 for the first day then Day 2 the following day etc. Please remember to check your links before sending).

Day 1 (From 28 August)  

Subject line: MONEY Problems? This Could Be The Answer!

Subject line: This Is How You Escape The Rat Race For Good By Trading Forex!

Text:  Download

HTML: Download

Day 2 (From 29 August) 

Subject line 1: Unlock Financial Freedom: Your Solution to Money Challenges

Subject line 2: Transform Your Finances with This Powerful Solution

Text:  Download

HTML: Download

Day 3 (From 30 August)

Subject line 1: The Secret Of The MEGA RICH Traders… Finally REVEALED!

Subject line 2: You Won't Believe This - $18K Profits In 24 Days Trading Forex!

Text:  Download

HTML: Download

Day 3 (From 30 August)

Subject line 1: Unlock The Secret To $30K In 2 Months While Keeping Your Day Job!

Subject line 2: This Is The Most Mind-Blowing Money-Making System Of 2023!

Text:  Download

HTML: Download


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